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The Charter

‘RESISTANCE’ CHARTER 2010: Protecting the lives of disabled & terminally ill people

Disabled and terminally ill people fear that calls to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia are likely to intensify. Our concerns are heightened by the current economic climate and calls from politicians from all parties for cuts in public services.

We, and our families, rely upon such services to live with dignity. Quality services make the difference between a fruitful life, led independently, and mere survival. We face a bleak situation as calls for assisted suicide to be lawful are renewed, whilst vital services are being withdrawn or denied.

Against this background, Not Dead Yet UK is asking all MPs to reassure disabled and terminally ill people by signing up to our Charter.


1. Disabled and terminally ill people deserve and are entitled to the same protection in law as everyone else.

2. I value the lives of all disabled and terminally ill people and the contributions they make to society.

3. I will seek opportunities to ensure disabled and terminally ill people in my constituency have access to the health, social care and other services they need to live with dignity.

4. I believe that disabled and terminally ill people seeking assistance to end their lives should receive the same support provided to any other person with suicidal thoughts and be encouraged to live.

5. I will support palliative care and independent living services in my constituency and work with those seeking to ensure they are available to all who would benefit from them.

6. I am willing to meet with disabled and terminally ill people in my constituency who are fearful of any change in the law on assisted suicide and to take account of their views.

7. I will seek to maintain the legal protection offered by the current law, which is that assisted suicide is illegal.

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